Ota Ulč

Ota Ulč (16 March 1930 – 22 November 2022) was a Czech-American author and columnist.

Ulč studied law at the Charles University in Prague, then became a district court judge in Stříbro. In 1959 he escaped via West Berlin to the West and finally to the U.S. There he proceeded to study political science at the Columbia University in New York. Afterwards, he gave classes on comparative governments at Binghamton University.

His books were published by Škvorecký's 68 Publishers in Toronto. From 1989 to his death, Ulč published about 20 books and articles in both printed and online newspapers in the Czech Republic.

As of 2006, Ulč was living in Binghamton, in upstate New York. He died on 22 November 2022, at the age of 92. Provided by Wikipedia
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